We are Dove Grey.

Established in 2019 by Nicola Natland, a UK-born artisan currently transplanted in the USA. To date, Dove Grey is made exclusively by Nicola’s own two hands in her happy SoCal studio.

We create beautiful handmade leather goods with purpose.

Our products are made with the highest quality vegetable tanned leather and solid brass hardware, all sourced within the USA. With proper care, Dove Grey leather goods are certain to be cherished for generations.

We aim to make conscious decisions rooted in a love for our planet.

It is our intent to reduce the amount of waste produced by our increasingly fast-paced lives. In order to keep our eco-impact low, a majority of Dove Grey leather goods are made to order. Our “no scraps” policy also ensures the minimal waste of leather hide as pieces simply get smaller until they are all used up.

We respect our Earth and all who call it home.

While leather is an animal product, the hides we use are a bi-product of the meat processing industry that would otherwise become landfill. We hope to work with other natural products with similar qualities to veg-tan leather as they become available, but there is currently no comparison to the durability of genuine leather.